B2B – Jesus: A Way of Life

“Being real people begins with the choices that we make every single day.”

Doing What Would Jesus Do?

A few years ago, and for a few even still today, there was a great fad where people wore bracelets on their wrists with the letters, “WWJD”.  WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do.  The idea behind WWJD is pretty simple.

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B2B – What is your image of God?

Indiana Jones is the best way I can communicate what life of faith is like. 

Back 2 Basics: B2B begins …

Today marks the first Sunday for our Back to Basic’s sermons series.  Over the next few weeks we will return to the basic foundations of our Christian faith in an effort to see how far we have come, and perhaps to revisit a few things that we chose to overlook too.  Today we will grapple with how we think about, or relate to ‘God’.

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Hotseat – Family Friday’s

This Sunday the Rev. Ian Martin put himself on the hotseat and responded to all questions, concerns and wonderings related to the Family Friday ministry.

Have a listen to see how he did.

The next hotseat will be in the the new year.  This session will attempt to answer any questions that the congregation has relating to church, faith, theology, the bible and more.  You will not want to miss your opportunity to, Pepper the Priest on the Hotseat


Discipleship: The Long Road

“…if I was eating the same thing everyday I may get a little be testy as well, however there was a deeper trouble that was bubbling up.”


There are times where we can feel like there is a giant disconnect between the character of Jesus and the way that we feel we are called to live.  Jesus is kind, compassionate and enjoys associating with a wide variety of people.  This is the kind of person many people imagine and connect too when it comes to our faith in Jesus Christ.

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Do I push through or take a rest?

“Do your best and let God do the rest.”  – Ben Carson

Basic Training: First day

When I finished high school twenty years ago I did not go to college or University.  Well, that is not completely true.  I tried college but figured out after a month that it was really not for me.  Instead I joined the Army.

After I had completed all the entrance exams the recruiting officer told me that I had better be fit because basic training was going to be demanding.  I was a pretty fit guy.  I played on three hockey teams, coached soccer, roller bladed all over Scarborough.  I was in good shape.  After all, I was like most 18 year olds, I knew more than everyone else.

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Facing Fear: John the Baptist

‘Sometimes doing what you are most afraid of is the same thing that will set you free.’

Church People can be Odd

There are times in the church when I stop and pause for a minute.  Today is one of them.  Think about what just happened in our service around the Gospel reading this morning.  We all sang a lovely hymn and dramatically processed the Gospel into the congregation so it is read among the people.  We dressed up the reading really fancily as it was read by a person wearing fancy clothes who is surrounded by people wearing white robes who are holding candles and a beautiful cross.  Then we hear the reading from Marks Gospel about a man who did do nothing wrong except speak from the heart, get his head chopped off.  Then at the end of the reading we respond with , “praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.”  Does anyone else here see how this may be a conflicting message for someone who is just trying to figure us out, or the Christianity as a whole?  Continue reading

Get Motivated: Seed Faith

Based on Mark 4: 26-34

Not about having enough faith

If you go online and search ‘mustard seed faith’ you will be swamped with a variety of links that pretty much say the same thing.  They almost all say some version of, “If you have a little bit of faith, even that of a size of a mustard seed, great things can happen.”  What a great bargain!  If I believe in God a little bit, I can move a mountain!  What great news!  How simple!  Well let’s all just start to believe a little bit then and enjoy our treasures! Continue reading