How do I become a member of St. Matthew’s Oshawa?

There is no formal membership in coming to this parish.

All are welcome.  Come.  Build a relationship with God and with others.  You belong here.

What we do hold to is that Baptism is the universal ritual of initiation into the fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ.  We call this the Church. Christians, whether adults or babies, are baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This means that you are always welcome to come to this parish, and any of its events.  If you are already baptized in another church – Great!  Continue to settle in and look for ways to help out.  If you are not baptized – Great.  Continue to settle in and look for ways to help out.  We look forward to connecting with you, and when you are ready we will be more than happy to talk about your baptism.

Baptism is one of the two holy acts directed by Jesus—the other being the sacred meal of bread and wine known as Communion (the Eucharist.

What we believe

  • We embrace the Holy Scriptures (The Bible) as a primary source of authority
  • We accept the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds as an acceptable statement of the Christian faith
  • We practice the two sacraments ordained by Christ: Baptism and Communion
  • We continue the tradition of the Historic Episcopate (having bishops whose ministry has been handed down from the first Apostles)

You do not need to believe any or all of this to come to this place, but at least you know what we believe, and some of the reasons for why we do what we do.

Becoming a member

A person becomes a member of the Anglican Church of Canada (“an Anglican”) through regular attendance and helping out.  (We call this ‘ministry’).  It really is as simple as that.  If you are baptized in water and in the name of the Holy Trinity, your baptism is recognized as valid within the Anglican Church.

Now that is enough reading on this … go find another page on site and continue to explore. 😉