The first years of this ministry has been absolutely stunning.  1028 meals were served and we were grateful to have met 154 new people from our local community.  These meals do not include the donations that were made to Cornerstone Community Association which helps men, women and families in Durham Region move from homelessness to independent living.

In our first year, we had Fondue Night, and English High Tea, Mardi Gras, Breakfast for Dinner and a Medieval Night to help celebrate the Reign of Christ the King.

We are planning an even more robust program for next year.  See you all then!

Family Friday’s is expected to return January 2017 in a new configuration.  Stay Tuned for more details throughout the fall.

Let us know you are planning on coming and we will ensure to have a place to sit for you and your family.   CLICK HERE

  • In the Subject line type:  Family Friday’s
  • In the body of the email let us know: 1)  your name and 2)  how many are coming!

If email is not your thing then feel free to call us at 905 725 9841 to talk to us in person or simply leave a voicemail.  See you soon!

Rev. Ian Martin put himself on the hot-seat and answered the various question that arose from the parish surrounding this new and exciting ministry.   Have a listen to hear how he did…



There is always a seat available for you and your family.  Come, enjoy and recharge for the weekend.

imgresWhat are Family Friday’s? 

  • Family Friday’s are one of the ways that the parish of St. Matthew’s gives back and connects to the community. This ministry is a place to gather, share and have a bit of fun before the weekend routine kicks in.

Who can come?

  • Everyone.  That means you, your family and your friends.

What is the meal like?

  • The meal is classical family style where we serve each other.  Imagine a classical thanksgiving dinner but with new friends each week.

What if my family is older?  Can we still come?

  • Absolutely! Please come and gather together, and keep in mind the chaos that comes with children at the end of a school week.  The air will be filled with children’s voices running and playing all around.  This is not your traditional church gathering.  Friday’s are about connecting with each other, a few new people and having some fun along the way.  This is not a parish social gather, instead it is about connecting to a few new people.  Please come, and be fully aware of what to expect.

imagesWhat does it cost each Friday?

  • Nothing.   St. Matthew’s is the church with heart and we want to share this heart with you.  Family Friday’s is simply another way of showing and sharing our heart with you and hopefully yours with us.  With this in mind, if you are moved to give a free will donation it would be welcomed

What would an evening look like?

  • First we gather and say thanks for making it safely through another week. Then we chow down.
  • When the tables start to clear, a short story can be shared, questions can be asked and simple conversations will continue.
  • Towards the end of the evening a fun activity or game sparks up. Board games, sharing the latest Youtube clip or Meme, Lip Sync battle, human battleship, dodge ball or simple crafts are made available to keep the kids occupied and create a space to play with your kids … and a few others too.

Do I have to be a Christian to be able to come?


  • No.  Come as you are, whoever you are.  All are welcomed regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious denomination or set of beliefs.  You are welcomed here on Fridays as well as any other day of the week!

Will I get Bible thumped?

  • We will say thanks or grace before we eat, or a bible story may be shared but nothing will be forced on you.

I want to be part of a community, but I am not sure about this church thing.  Can I still come?

  • You have a place to belong.  You have a community to help build.  Come, see and share.  There is no expectation that you come on a Sunday morning, but we would be thrilled if you did!

Will the minister be there?

  • Ian and his family attend Family Friday’s.  He would be happy to connect with you if you wish, or will leave you alone if so desired.  Don’t be surprised if you see him loudly playing with is son and daughter and causing his wife to be slightly embarrassed.  (but not too much, she is getting used to it…)

Can I help out?

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! If you come on a Friday Night and would like to help cooking, setting up, cleaning up, telling a story, running a game the answer is a robust YES!  Talk to the chef, to the minister (he is not too scary ….) or to one of the other volunteers and we will get you connected in.  Many hands make light work!

That’s it … no more questions …  Just come on Friday and check it out for yourself.

… but if you have a few more anyways click here