We have small but strong and growing Choir.  Choir building is a collaborative effort on the part of the Music Director and the choristers, so we are not going to make you sing something that you can not.



Nancy Davidson, our music director, is a trained vocal and choral conductor who wants to work with you to improve on or regain your musical talents and abilities.





The Choir practices every Thursday at 7:30pm at the church.

The Jr. Choir practices every Wednesday at 4:00pm at the church.

The Community Choir gathers every Wednesday at 10:00am at the church.






We do not hold auditions.  Basically, if you can sing in the shower, you can sing with us.  unspecified

The St. Matthews will help you too:

  • be part of our warm, inviting and joyful community of singers
  • learn to read music
  • exercise and build vocal strength
  • learn breathing techniques
  • sing in parts
  • provide online support if you can not make weekly practices

If you are interested in singing at St. Matthews please contact Nancy at