St. Matthews is a growing, friendly and family oriented church which is rooted in the east end of suburban Oshawa. Throughout the week the people of St. Matthews live out their lives of faith at work, home and play with all whom they meet. We gather every Sunday to connect with one another and share the events of the week and worship God.

For more about this parish’s history please see the “about St. Matthew’s” page.

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Part of a larger body …

There can be little doubt that we live in a world which is interconnected, intra-dependent and interrelated.  As Christians, we hold to the biblical imperatives to love our neighbour and that all people are created and adored by God.

Our baptismal vows bring us into the neighbourhood of other Christians and call us to go where Jesus goes. As Anglicans, we have a particular history of reaching out to God’s people as part of God’s mission through God’s Church to God’s world.

For more information on how St. Matthews and the Anglican church are connect please visit Diocese of Toronto.

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What we Believe

What We Believe

We believe in the good news of Jesus Christ.

We believe in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Through faith in Christ we believe that God has the power to change lives and the world around us.

We believe that we were made to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love others as ourselves through words, actions and attitudes.